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segregated witness – How can I retailer a file hash in a Schnorr signature? Or one thing aside from an OP_RETURN?

I’ve this python script that places file hashes on the bitcoin blockchain:

from bitcoinutils.utils import to_satoshis
from bitcoinutils.setup import setup
from bitcoinutils.transactions import Transaction, TxInput, TxOutput
from bitcoinutils.script import Script
from bitcoinutils.keys import PrivateKey as utilPrivKey
from bitcoinutils.constants import SIGHASH_ALL


# non-public key for tb1qpeervdxrt2np74xhm4q4jjp76ey5f9fh9tf58f
sender_priv_key = utilPrivKey.from_wif('PRIVATE KEY FOR THE SENDING ADDRESS')
sender_pub_key = sender_priv_key.get_public_key().to_hex()
addrs_for_script = sender_priv_key.get_public_key().get_address()

# non-public key for tb1qj57tu40e9da959w4lj9s3njwteq2z89uy7kenh
receiver_priv_key = utilPrivKey.from_wif('PRIVATE KEY FOR THE RECEIVING ADDRESS')
receiver_addr = receiver_priv_key.get_public_key().get_segwit_address()

txin1 = TxInput("a86f0187be2eca4590a456e2423a2f5286b269c3b777846092ceb2fc44270aad", 1)
txin2 = TxInput("9019818039f181ed00046d682411719050a4b2dc1d1eb6aaa2d781df863522fc", 0)

script_code = Script(['OP_DUP', 'OP_HASH160', addrs_for_script.to_hash160(), 'OP_EQUALVERIFY', 'OP_CHECKSIG'])
msg1 = "69eb032167c25784108b9783c9d59ce23608d00238eb9e3c03c73cdd79f74528"
op_return_script = Script(["OP_RETURN", msg1])

txoutOpR = TxOutput(0, op_return_script)

# 0.00005 left for transaction payment
txout = TxOutput(to_satoshis(0.00036275), receiver_addr.to_script_pub_key())

tx = Transaction([txin1, txin2], [txoutOpR, txout], has_segwit=True)
txsign1 = sender_priv_key.sign_segwit_input(tx, 0, script_code, to_satoshis(0.00034416), SIGHASH_ALL)
tx.witnesses = [Script([txsign1, sender_pub_key])]
txsign2 = sender_priv_key.sign_segwit_input(tx, 1, script_code, to_satoshis(0.00006859), SIGHASH_ALL)
tx.witnesses.append(Script([txsign2, sender_pub_key]))

signed_tx = tx.serialize()
print("uncooked tx under this line")
print("uncooked tx above this line")  

The above python script works, however I’m attempting to maneuver away from OP_RETURN. Some Bitcoin devs have voiced their opinion towards OP_RETURN so I am afraid it’ll get deprecated.

Is there any solution to modify my python script to retailer the hash in a Schnorr signature as an alternative of an OP_RETURN? Or another future proof solution to retailer a file hash in a Bitcoin transaction?

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